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Caseta Studio transfers video tapes to dvd, converts video cassettes of any type (VHS, PAL, NTSC, SECAM, HI8, MINIDV) and 8mm, 16mm and 35 mm film to DVD. Our advantages:

The conversion of the video cassettes can be done in avi, mpeg, mp3 formats. The video transfer includes personalised dvd with paper envelope and/or copying the files on mobile hard drive.

We have 10 years experience in converting video cassettes in digital formats and we guarantee the safety of every individual tape.

We also offer video editing services for personal or corporate video projects and Audio cassettes conversion in digital format.


Standard conversion of video cassette 7 Euros/1 hour of material

Improved conversion of video cassette (with image enhancement in terms of noise reduction, color, contrast, white balance) 22 Euros/1 hour of material

The video tapes with relevant material below one hour will be charged as an hour. After the first hour, the pricing is at minute.

We can receive and ship packages with public postal services or curier and the taxes will be supported by the client.

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